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Photo Archives
  • Albert Tellier Collection[+]
    Stacks Image 6888
    SCC A-0001
    Jan. 1921, Frank & Oswald Johnson
    Stacks Image 6889
    SCC A-0002
    Oscar Box to far right and his school children.
    Stacks Image 6890
    SCC A-0003

    Post card-”Flathead Brave & his Castles” , Missoula, Montana
    Stacks Image 6891
    SCC A-0004
    Albert Teiller, 1920-1930
    Stacks Image 6892
    SCC A-0005
    Taken Feb. 26, 1919
    Stacks Image 6893
    SCC A-0006

    1918,Rosa Johnson and her boy, Oswald working in the garden.
    Stacks Image 6894
    SCC A-0007
    Violet Tellier, taken 1918.
    Stacks Image 6902
    SCC A-0008

    Flossey Paul and Violet Tellier larger girl is Flossy, smaller girl is unknown
    Stacks Image 6903
    SCC A-0009
    Large tent in field (June 13, 1920)
    Stacks Image 6904
    SCC A-0010

    Isaac Tellier (Plowing ground down by Mission creek Old Tellier home 1920)
    Stacks Image 6905
    SCC A-0011
    Albert Tellier May 19, 1919
    Stacks Image 6906
    SCC A-0012
    Albert Tellier December 17, 1918
    Stacks Image 6925
    SCC A-0013
    Albert Tellier
    Stacks Image 6926
    SCC A-0014
    Taken June 27, 1920
    Stacks Image 6927
    SCC A-0015
    Laverria Luddington and Albert Tellier
    Stacks Image 6928
    SCC A-0016
    Albert Tellier
    Stacks Image 7007
    SCC A-0017
    Taken October 14, 1920
    Stacks Image 7008
    SCC A-0018
    Taken 1918
    Stacks Image 7009
    SCC A-0020
    Picture of the old log cabin, built in 1854
    Picture taken September 25, 1965
    Stacks Image 7010
    SCC A-0022
    Red Barn, property of Sisters of Charity, (This barn was demolished to make room for new hospital)
    Stacks Image 7011
    SCC A-0023
    Inside St. Ignatius Church, Taken 1910
    Stacks Image 7012
    SCC A-0024
    Taken from South side of St. Ignatius(fathers field)
    Stacks Image 7013
    SCC A-0025
    The old fathers barn 10/20/19
    Stacks Image 7014
    SCC A-0026
    The old fathers building. First building fathers bakery back around 1890’s, later it was work mans bunk house. Later burned down. Other buildings were fathers flower mill Taken October 20, 1919
    Stacks Image 7015
    SCC A-0027
    The fathers old barn, built before 1890 taken 10/20/19
    Stacks Image 7016
    SCC A-0029
    Wassoh Photo, Boys school Ursuline Convent St. Ignatius, Mt. Taken 1910
    Stacks Image 7017
    SCC A-0030
    Old Catholic Church at St. Ignatius, Mt. Built in 1860, was the first religious edifice on Flathead Res.
    Stacks Image 7018
    SCC A-0032
    Convent & School of Ursuline Nuns at St. Ignatius Mission (Building burnt down 02/19/22)
    Stacks Image 7019
    SCC A-0033
    Fathers Building, St. Ignatius Mission
    Stacks Image 7020
    SCC A-0034
    Convent and school of the sisters of charity. These buildings were burned down 12/09/19
    Stacks Image 7021
    SCC A-0035
    Fathers school building, Taken by A. Tellier on October 17, 1919
    Stacks Image 7099
    SCC A-0036
    Old Mission Hospital 10/17/1919
    Stacks Image 7100
    SCC A-0038
    Church in St. Ignatius, Taken in 1918
    Stacks Image 7101
    SCC A-0039
    Sam Curley, Taken in St. Ignatius on January 31, 1920
    Stacks Image 7102
    SCC A-0040
    Christine Curley, Taken 8/15/1920
    Stacks Image 7103
    SCC A-0041
    Cecille and Christine Curley, and Violet Tellier
    Stacks Image 7104
    SCC A-0042
    Christine Curley, Taken 9/4/1917
    Stacks Image 7105
    SCC A-0043
    L-R Indian Sub Agents- John Rogers boy Bill Gardipe and John Rogers boy again, and Adam Gardipe.
    Stacks Image 7106
    SCC A-0044
    Christine Tellier, Taken 1915
    Stacks Image 7107
    SCC A-0045
    Harold DuMontier & Cope Boys, taken 1917.
    Stacks Image 7108
    SCC A-0046
    June 3, 1910: Emilo (Kootenai boy) 2. Loma Chalwain, 3. Charley Mooney Finley
    Stacks Image 7109
    SCC A-0047
    Raymond Gavin and Isacc Curley, Lavern Brossette and Freddy Gavin & Gooteh boy
    Stacks Image 7110
    SCC A-0048
    Unknown (unidentified)
    Stacks Image 7111
    SCC A-0049
    Alex Curley, Violet Tellier, Isaac Tellier, Cecille Tellier, Martin Valley, Albert Tellier. Taken 2/21/22
    Stacks Image 7112
    SCC A-0050
    Joe McClure & Alex Curley
    Stacks Image 7113
    SCC A-0051
    Cleofaus Tellier & Joe McClure, Alex Curley, this was taken in St. Ignatius, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7335
    SCC A-0052
    Sam Moody, Cecille Tellier, Andrew Beckwith and Sin Gel Eh & Joe Gree-Nier, Taken 1913
    Stacks Image 7336
    SCC A-0053
    Albert Tellier, Joe McClure, Bill White (FE Ward, Missoula Mt.) Taken 4-6-1919
    Stacks Image 7337
    SCC A-0054
    Lizzie Cleofaus & Violet Tellier Taken 4-6-1919
    Stacks Image 7342
    SCC A-0055
    Louis Tellier (Taken when her got out of the army) Taken 10-02-1919
    Stacks Image 7343
    SCC A-0056
    Cleofaus Tellier, Vincent Tellier
    Stacks Image 7344
    SCC A-0057
    Louie Tellier, Taken 09-15-1913
    Stacks Image 7345
    SCC A-0059
    Top 1 forgot his name, 2. Cleofaus Tellier, Vincent Curley,bottom: Mary Tail Feathers , George West Wolf. Taken 1913 (Missoula, Mt.)
    Stacks Image 7346
    SCC A-0060
    Albert Tellier, Bob McClure and Charlie Brooks taken in Missoula, Mt. July 3, 1915
    Stacks Image 7347
    SCC A-0061
    Annie Tellier, Mary Paul, Cecille Tellier, Sylvia Deshaw. Taken April 5, 1920. (Wrote in pencil: In 1922 “you could buy a 4 cylinder Nash Automobile for $ 935)
    Stacks Image 7387
    SCC A-0062
    Thomas McDonald & Alex Curley 1919
    Stacks Image 7388
    SCC A-0063
    Adeline Sundown, daughter of Jackson Sundown,the once great rider. 1912
    Stacks Image 7389
    SCC A-0064
    From L-R No. 3 Rosa Johnson, No.4 Julia Carter, taken in Kamiah Idaho in 1911, others unkown
    Stacks Image 7390
    SCC A-0065
    L-R Adeline Girlie Plouffe, Mary Beauchamp, Armen sis Plouffe, Pete Plouffe and Francis Plouffe, and Mary Beauchamp was a full sister to Isaac Tellierand the woman on the far right is Marseline Plouffe. 1925 to 1930?
    Stacks Image 7391
    SCC A-0066
    Chief Old Bear 1912
    Stacks Image 7392
    SCC A-0067
    Titled “
    Flathead Squaw & Papoose, Missoula, Mt.”Later Identified as Lucy Joseph
    Stacks Image 7393
    SCC A-0069
    “Cecille” A Flathead Belle-(Cecille Tellier) Taken 1912
    Stacks Image 7394
    SCC A-0070
    Cecille Tellier, Catherine Tellier, Violet Tellier, Cleofaus Tellier, Steve Dumont.
    Stacks Image 7395
    SCC A-0071
    Louie and Mose Tellier
    Stacks Image 7396
    SCC A-0072
    Elizabeth Broncheau Tellier and Christine Tellier. Taken May 18,1919
    Stacks Image 7397
    SCC A-0073
    Albert Tellier, Violet Tellier, Christine Curley, Cecille Tellier. Taken 1/3/20
    Stacks Image 7398
    SCC A-0074
    Isaac Tellier, Taken in 1918 by Albert Tellier November 27, 1918
    Stacks Image 7399
    SCC A-0075
    Bill & Bob White (Father & Son)
    Stacks Image 7400
    SCC A-0076
    Laurette Tellier , Taken 4-8,1920
    Stacks Image 7401
    SCC A-0077
    L-R Francis Bass, Francis Matt, Albert Tellier, Albert Matt. Taken August 23, 1921
    Stacks Image 7402
    SCC A-0078
    Sam Moody-December 18, 1918
    Stacks Image 7403
    SCC A -0079
    Laurette Tellier & Louie King 1910
    Stacks Image 7404
    SCC A-0080
    Taken Oct. 1915 (Unkown-states met him in MSLA, he is from Lonepine, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7405
    SCC A-0081
    Albert Tellier August 14, 1917
    Stacks Image 7406
    SCC A-0082
    Albert Tellier 1920
    Stacks Image 7407
    SCC A-0083
    Michel LaRose and his child taken in Sept. 1914
    Stacks Image 7645
    SCC A-0084
    Frank Johnson and Oswald 1914
    Stacks Image 7646
    SCC A-0085
    Oswald, Frank & Roma Johnson 1912
    Stacks Image 7650
    SCC A-0086
    Oswald and Bob Johnson
    Stacks Image 7651
    SCC A-0088
    Rosa Johnson
    Stacks Image 7652
    SCC A-0089
    Lucy Camille
    Stacks Image 7653
    SCC A-0090
    Laurette Tellier in back seat 1912
    Stacks Image 7656
    SCC A-0091
    Lizzie Broncheau
    Stacks Image 7657
    SCC A-0092
    Taken at Hot Springs 2/2/1914
    Stacks Image 7658
    SCC A-0093
    Mission Stampede-Joe McClure on Sorrel Jim
    Taken July 04, 1924
    Stacks Image 7659
    SCC A-0094
    Bert Slocum on Hard Nut. Mission Stampede
    Taken 07/04/1924
    Stacks Image 7660
    SCC A-0095
    Edward McDonald, Mission Stampede
    Taken 07/04/1924
    Stacks Image 7661
    SCC A-0096
    Mission Stampede July 04, 1924
    Stacks Image 7662
    SCC A-0097
    Stacks Image 7663
    SCC A-0098
    Grand View Hotel, Post Office and General Store of the F.L. Gray Co. at Polson, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7664
    SCC A-0100
    A ballgame in Mission
    Stacks Image 7665
    SCC A-0101
    St. Ignatius Beckwith store 08/20/1910
    “St. Ignatius Days at the old Mission home”
    Stacks Image 7666
    SCC A-0102
    Titled “Caught Smuggling whiskey into Polson”, Mose Paul holding gun.
    Stacks Image 7667
    SCC A-0103
    Taken Sept. 1913-Adeline Jackson, daughter of Jackson Sun Down, the great bronc rider, and her boy or girl, this boy could be Larry Parker of Ronan, Mt. She is also known as Adeline Adams.
    Stacks Image 7668
    SCC A-0104
    Polson Dam, Polson, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7669
    SCC A-0105
    Copyright 1907 by Ed Boos. Indian Dancing Men. The man standing behind Singeheh, in the middle is Sam Moody, a Nez Perce and in front is Alex Beaverhead
    Stacks Image 7670
    SCC A-0106
    Lewis Cossack Matt (with raincoat) Taken 1919, Joe Matt in car and his wife & son standing by car.
    Stacks Image 7671
    SCC A-0107
    Stacks Image 7672
    SCC A-0108
    Indian Celebrating Camp at Polson July 04, 1913
    Stacks Image 7673
    SCC A-0109
    Cleofaus Tellier, Thomas McDonald, Alex Curley, Louie Curley, Mose Tellier, Isaac Tellier, working in garden near Mission Creek at old Tellier home in St. Ignatius 6/23/19
    Stacks Image 7674
    SCC A-0110
    Old Tellier house taken by moon light taken by Albert Tellier.
    Stacks Image 7901
    SCC A-0111
    Taken 1908
    Stacks Image 7902
    SCC A-0112
    Source of Spring Creek, Ronan, Mt 1912
    Stacks Image 7903
    SCC A-0113
    Symes Hotel, Hot Springs, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7904
    SCC A-0114
    Public School BLDG. Polson, Mt. 1912
    Stacks Image 7905
    SCC A-0115
    Beckwith wheat elevator under arrow. # 1 The old restaurant that was in operation in 1904 and before that under arrow # 3 Beckwith old log house, store under the blue arrow # 2.
    Taken Oct. 17, 1919
    Stacks Image 7906
    SCC A-0116
    The “Y” bridge over Pend D’Oreille River, Polson, Mt. on the TOP Auto Road copy
    Stacks Image 7907
    Stacks Image 7917
    SCC A-0118
    Hobert Hotel in St. Ignatius, Mt. Taken Oct. 17, 1919 by Albert Tellier
    Stacks Image 7921
    SCC A-0119
    Main Street, St. Ignatius, Mt
    Stacks Image 7922
    SCC A-0120
    U of M Montana (year unkown)
    Stacks Image 7923
    SCC A-0121
    Higgins Avenue, No. Missoula, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7924
    SCC A-0122
    Higgins Avenue Bridge over Missoula river looking north
    Stacks Image 7926
    SCC A -0123
    Jim Whipple & George Hobert and son Taken 12/05/1920
    Stacks Image 7927
    SCC A-0124
    New Steamer Klondyke @
    Anchor in Flathead Lake, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7930
    SCC A-0125
    Taken 1914, Part View-Business Section looking North Polson, Mt.
    Stacks Image 7931
    SCC A-0126
    A shovel working on the old Tellier place Mission gravel pit.
    Stacks Image 7932
    SCC A-0127
    Flathead lake and city of Polson in the distance
    taken 1912.
    Stacks Image 7933
    SCC A-0128
    Just across the creek from the old Tellier place, St. Ignatius. Taken 1909.
    Stacks Image 7934
    SCC A-0129
    Mission Mountain and Range taken 06/13/1921
    Stacks Image 7935
    SCC A-0130
    Benny McDonald coming in ahead on a horse race, taken July 4,1923 in St. Ignatius (arrow pointing to Benny)
    Stacks Image 7936
    SCC A-0131
    Beckwith Bldg. St. Ignatius, Mt. 10/17/19
    Stacks Image 7951
    SCC A-0132
    New wagon bridge over river, Polson, Mt
    Stacks Image 7952
    SCC A-0133
    US Reclamation Office, St. Ignatius, Mt. taken in 1910
    Stacks Image 7953
    SCC A-0134
    Polson, Mt. Copyright 1912
    Stacks Image 7954
    SCC A-0135
    Mission Mountains
    Stacks Image 7955
    SCC A-0136
    Mission range, Flathead Res.
    Stacks Image 7956
    SCC A-0137
    Beckwith store, taken 8/20/1910
    Stacks Image 7957
    SCC A-0138
    The steamer “Klondyke” on Flathead lake, Mt. copyright 1907
    Stacks Image 7958
    SCC A-0139
    Polson, Mt. July 04, 1909, Paul Finley heading a parade in Polson (Paul in white sleeves and hat)
    Stacks Image 7959
    SCC A-0140
    Excursin at Polson docks, Flathead Lake, Mt. 1912
    Stacks Image 7960
    SCC A-0141
    Steamer Docks in Flathead Lake
Stacks Image 6745
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